Carnival in Venice

Tomorrow, 27 January 2018, is the official start of what is probably the most famous carnival in the world, the Carnevale di Venezia. Soon the calli and campi will be full of people, mostly tourists and mostly French, sporting costumes ranging from the outlandish to the opulent, and posing for photographs evocative of the final century of … Continue reading Carnival in Venice

Venetian maxims: Chi no ga testa ga gambe

Venetians are famous in the rest of Italy for their maxims which often give a flavour of what it's like to live in the city. Discover what this maxim tells you about living in the city and particularly about the bridges and stairs which are a feature of every Venetian's day.

Acqua Alta: a photo essay

Acqua alta, literally high water, is the typically understated way in which Venetians refer to the periodic flooding of the city during periods of so-called spring tides. It's caused primarily due to the natural geography of the Venetian lagoon. The lagoon closed off from the open sea by a series of long islands with gaps … Continue reading Acqua Alta: a photo essay